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Will Agile accelerate Excel’s demise as a Test Management platform?

Excel has inherent limitations as a Test Management platform and these have been documented in multiple articles and forums. It has survived all these years on account of it’s “de facto” presence in most Enterprises as part of an installed Office Suite. The advent of mature Test Management platforms served as a catalyst for it’s appeal getting diminished amongst QA practitioners, as they began to experience the numerous benefits — Version Management, effective Test Automation, Integrations to ALM tools and powerful Reporting – that these platforms provided. The great appeal, and adoption, of Agile as the SDLC of choice is accentuating this trend. Agile calls for testing software products that get built in short increments and thereby mandates that Testing products offer high levels of Automation, Granular reporting, very detailed Coverage traceability and easy accessibility of timely information to globally-distributed product teams. Precisely, the areas that Excel has severe shortcomings. And thereby, making Excel more and more obsolete as a Test Management platform. If you are using Excel, we strongly recommend you trial QMetry or attend one of our weekly demos to learn how can introduce new efficiencies into your testing processes.

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