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Top 6 features in release 1.2 of QMetry Test Management for JIRA


QMetry has recently released version 1.2 of QMetry Test Management for JIRA.  The new features in this important release have been developed based on customer feedback. The focus of this release is to enhance the test management experience with focus on test automation, execution efficiency and visibility for QA projects – all to improve the quality of products and go to market faster.

  1. Enhanced Test Automation. We have enhanced our flagship test step reusability feature to enable effective test automation that results into lower maintenance. We are adding support for widely used test automation tools like HP-UFT, Selenium, Appium and QMetry Automation Studio.
  • Add Comments to automation tests
  • Add Cucumber tags automatically
  • Add Components, Sprints, Labels and Fixed Version
  • Upload large-very large result files
  • Import HP UFT results
  • Import QMetry Automation Studio results
  1. Visibility Integrated. You can now create reporting widgets / gadgets on the JIRA dashboard. It offers simplified reporting for QA Managers and decision makers in form of Quality Metrics, Test Effectiveness and Productivity Metrics as well as Test Coverage Metrics.  Have total visibility into all the projects and even create multiple instances of the same report with different filters (Project, Labels, Components, etc.).
  1. Efficiency Enhanced. Now when you create a defect as part of a test run all of the steps leading up to the failure are included with the issue, automatically.  This reduces the time and efforts for test engineers by providing clear visibility on how and where the test run failed.

Efficiency Enhanced


  1. Traceability improved. Now a defect can be associated to test run by entering the issue ID making it easy to trace defect to a particular test run and through that to test scenario or action steps.

Traceability improved

  1. Increased productivity delivered. View the test scenarios and action steps directly into JIRA boards. This provides granular visibility for all issues reported and showed on the JIRA boards. With easy reference; QA engineers can save time and improve productivity.

Increased productivity delivered picture6

  1. Traceability redefined. Stories now contain information about test runs and their results as well as defects. This provides a single view on the success or failure of the story, the reasons for failure and process through which it failed.  QA Managers can take informed decision on story improvements viewing only one screen.  Traceability redefined.

Traceability redefined

To experience these new features; try QMetry Test Manager for JIRA free for 30 days here or register for a demo.

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