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QMetry goes for Atlassian team tour

Heading to the Atlassian Team Tour, San Francisco

Atlassian Team Tour: Next stop... San Francisco! QMetry is delighted to be the official sponsor of the San Francisco Edition of the Atlassian Team Tour. Join us at the San Francisco leg of the tour on 8th March, 2018. As Atlassian hits the roads for its very first and biggest world tour. This expedition headed to 10 cities unveils new product updates, shares the best in...

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Agile Testing Highlights from Test Focus Groups

Agile is not Fragile QMetry recently hosted practitioners and evangelists of Agile Testing for an invigorating discussion on Agile Testing’s impact on delivering quality faster and better at...

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QMetry Team extending wishes this Thanks Giving!!

We at QMetry would like to extend our deepest thanks to each one of you this Thanksgiving. The QMetry family has grown exponentially this year both in terms of employees and products. Our unique...

Introducing QMetry Test Management for JIRA

For those of you that already know QMetry Test Management, you will understand that our aim has always been to help make ‘Shift Left’ testing less of a lofty goal and more of a working...