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Introducing QMetry Test Manager for JIRA

For those of you that already know QMetry Test Manager, you will understand that our aim has always been to help make ‘Shift Left’ testing less of a lofty goal and more of a working reality. That’s more true than ever before, with the mature product it has become after its five years of evolution. And now, the next stage in the product’s evolution is here.  We...


BYOD – Here To Stay or a Fad

According to a latest report by Gartner, half of the companies will go BYOD (By your own device) by 2017. With as much as half of the firms worldwide adopting BYOD strategy by 2017, there's no...


Blog Series: The Internet of Everything | The Smart Thermostat

One of Google’s newest acquisitions, Nest is telling of where the next domain of connectivity lies. The connected house involves nearly every aspect of the home, using integration to make...


Google Glass – The Next Big App Platform

  The time of Google Glass is almost upon us, it is now being released to a handful of people. With Google Glass being around the corner it’s time that we prepare our services for this new...


Mobile, Social, Enterprises and MongoDB – Part 1 (Data Challenges)

Mobility and Social are at the moment driving the way a user should look the world at. Consumers and Enterprise worlds are at a cross section where they need to change and drive the technological sea...