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QMetry Apps are now Atlassian Verified

What does it mean to be Atlassian Verified?

QMetry is proud to announce that its apps are now qualified as Atlassian Verified on the Marketplace. This certification is a testament to QMetry’s commitment to quality and innovation that helps enterprises build better software in an agile manner.QMetry apps are Atlassian Verified

What can users expect?

The Atlassian Verified program helps shoppers try and buy apps with confidence. The main aim of this badge is to make it easier for Atlassian customers to find great products that have a proven track record.

The badge means that our Atlassian verified apps meet stringent benchmarking criteria for the following:

  • App traction:  Atlassian’s team measures the active customer instances of vendor apps installed. To qualify for Verified status, apps must be installed in at least 500 active products.
  • Promptness of support: Verified vendors commit to a higher standard of service level agreements (SLAs) and provide support websites and documentation. This support is extended to a minimum of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Vendor reliability: Atlassian monitors these vendors and checks routinely to make sure they offer outstanding customer experience and support consistently.

You can view all QMetry Apps that now wear the Verified badge on this page.

QMetry Test Management for Jira

Our test management app integrated with Jira for Agile and DevOps teams.  QMetry Test Management for Jira’s key benefits include an intuitive UI, modularized and reusable test cases and easy integration with several test automation tools.

QMetry Voyager

Voyager enhances exploratory testing efforts with automated test case documentation. This FREE app lets you document bugs with the help of screen capture and annotations while adding voice memos and linking them to Jira issues.

QMetry Analytics

QMetry Analytics offers real-time visibility of quality across projects and teams with custom dashboard inside Jira. You can release confidently with real-time insights and improve software quality across the board.

QMetry for Bamboo

Integrate automated test results from Bamboo to QMetry Test Management for Jira, with support for multiple automation frameworks.

QMetry Open API

With the help of REST APIs, integrate QMetry for Jira server programmatically and enable integration with test automation, CI/CD tools.

The Atlassian verified badge means that you can be more assured than ever that you are selecting a quality, reliable product that meets industry best practices. QMetry digital quality suite has the complete agile testing solution with test management, automation, and powerful quality analytics for digital enterprises. You can try some of these tools for free for a limited period of time. For more information on our products, get in touch with us.

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