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Mobile Apps Can Improve Customer Service… What About QA?

A new article from Infostretch explains how mobile apps can help improve customer service.  It is a great article that explains the need to think mobile to improve customer service. There is no doubt companies need to plan for mobile, but are they ready to test mobile?  Mobile brings many complex user stories that need to be tested now that your app might be interrupted by a phone call, low battery, or other interrupt, but every device is different.  What works on one device may not work on another.  Even if you have worked out all the details the question remains: can your testing tool support you? QMetry 6 provides an unprecedented level of support for mobile testing teams.  In addition to being able to create complex test scenarios from a central repository QA teams can use QMetry’s advanced platform management tool to validate functionality across multiple mobile devices.  Read more about QMetry’s Advanced Platform Support. And read about Better Customer Service through Mobile Apps on the InfoStretch blog.

Mobile application QA testing

Mobile app QA testing

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