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Automated Testing Culture and The Way Forward!

You’ve been hearing from us on how automated testing has become a key player in every software quality team to drive great quality initiatives. It is the linchpin for initiating a well-oiled DevOps with an ingrained mentality around agility.

However, starting the culture Automation is studded with several challenges around managing test volumes, diverse test environments, adjusting to DevOps settings, and bringing the much-needed intelligence. But automation is inevitable especially when we are talking enterprise applications.

Take a look at QMetry’s infographic designed to talk about automated testing – the need, the types, the benefits, and the transition of test functions from manual to test automation. We also introduce our QMetry flagship products – QMetry Automation Studio and QMetry Automation Framework to solve the biggest automation problems.

QMetry Automation Studio provides structure to automated testing through a proven successful framework and delivers actionable insights through software quality metrics.

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Automated Testing Culture and The Way Forward!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings