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How QMetry with JIRA Compares to Other Enterprise Tools

Enterprise QA tools provide a rich feature set for large organizations with concerns about quality.  The main characteristics for an enterprise QA tool is the ability to scale both in supporting the number of users, and the number of test cases. There is also a need to be able to support multiple products and/or variations of a single product.  Test assets need to be reused often across multiple groups so version control and test execution history is often a big concern.

There are many enterprise QA tools available that have robust feature sets and most offer some sort of JIRA integration.  Some claim they have the best JIRA integration; however, we just ask for you to compare the tools side by side.  There are many things to consider, but in the end the reason why you would use QMetry versus a customized JIRA solution and the reason why you would use QMetry versus a JIRA Plugin will also determine why to use QMetry versus another enterprise tool. JIRA is a great defect tracker, and QMetry provides the best of class test case manager with a superior integration with JIRA.

Key Advantages of the QTM as a Test Management Tool

There are hundreds of features that enterprise class test management systems offer.  Here is the list of features that QMetry excels in over the competition:

  • Ability to setup an automatically import issues as requirements based on a simple filter or complex JQL query.
  • Real-time Test Case information in JIRA
  • Platform Support — Ability to Execute Test Suite against various platforms and generate reports for executions across different Releases and Cycles.
  • Advanced Search with ability to perform Boolean Searches.
  • Support for Continuous Integration.
  • Ability to organize test assets into folders and sub-folders and view the test status at the folder level.
  • Ability to edit test cases during an execution.
  • Ability to choose particular version of the test case to be executed during execution.
  • Support of Rich Text Format in test case steps.

To find out how QMetry can help you improve quality and shorten your development cycle, click here.

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