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QMetry Team extending wishes this Thanks Giving!!


We at QMetry would like to extend our deepest thanks to each one of you this Thanksgiving. The QMetry family has grown exponentially this year both in terms of employees and products. Our unique global ecosystem of customers, partners, vendors and employees have been a great sport in supporting us this year. They all have believed in our market leadership, products, technology and the overall direction. We’ve made focused efforts in solving test management and automation problems for our customers, and we thank you all as part of our ecosystem for sticking with us.

The road is always rough when we’re innovating with a new set of products. But we’re always thankful to the ‘first ones’ who were willing to be part of this innovation and ride both the high and the low waves.

To the first set of employees who built the products with us, released the betas, gathered the customer feedback and have helped to make this product a lot stronger and competitive. Some of these product suites have become the foundation for quality in many enterprises.

To the first set of customers across the world who diligently used the product, provided detailed user experience feedback and helped us innovate and emerge as a leader. We want to extend our gratitude to all of you this Thanksgiving season for having been with us through this journey.

To all our partners with whom we launched new initiatives. Special thanks to the Atlassian team for helping us launch our new plugins on their marketplace earlier this year and helping us make the Atlassian launch event such a huge success recently. For those of you who’re interested in checking these add-ons out, below are the links:

QMetry Test Manager for JIRA

QMetry Wisdom for JIRA

I want to address the QMetry employees, all over the world once again. You are ones who have helped to make this product and its vision a reality. You guys have spent endless nights and weekends in making these innovative products – whether it’s website releases, product launches, customer support and escalations, prospect calls, marketing and sales campaigns or sales engineering support, you guys have been there and stuck through all of this as ONE team. So thank you and proud to be part of this great team!

Hope this Thanksgiving brings great joys and festivities to all your families and extended families. Happy Thanksgiving All!


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