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Focusing on Test automation with help of QMetry Automation Studio and QMetry Test Management

In the age of digital renaissance, multi-speed IT speed is the singe-most critical factor. It ensures survival of the fittest as the digital (r)evolution creeps up on businesses. But many businesses are still holding on to legacy test management tools and software that suffocate the Agile and DevOps focused teams. Yet, many others have embraced Test automation to unlock IT challenges.

Automation is crucial to maintain the quality, speed versus continuous delivery balance in the CI/CD ecosystem. You do need the right automation tools and applications to achieve this balance and focus on efficiency. QMetry Automation Studio and QMetry Test Management allow you to do just that:   

How QMetry fast-tracks your Automation

  • Focus on Integration: QMetry Automation Studio integrates seamlessly with test automation frameworks such as Selenium and Appium. It also offers CI integration with Jenkins and other tools. This brings speed, structure, efficiency and reusability to testing. What’s more, QAS also allows manual testers to migrate into automation without scripts.
  • Focus on Simplicity: The QAS framework takes the guesswork and pain out of mobile conditioning and complex automated testing scenarios. Such as barcode scanning, touch ID, location spoofing etc. It offers a comprehensive key for all omni-channel, multi-device, multi-locale scenarios supporting web, mobile (native and web), web app and microservices components. This helps businesses to focus their efforts on core development challenges and scale their automated testing efforts without shopping for several tools.
  • Focus on Behavior-driven Development(BDD): QAS framework allows different teams like product management and business analysts to collaborate and author test cases. The use of quality metrics allows them to manage their products easily. Our user-friendly design to facilitate automated testing allows a truly agile testing experience focused on BDD and TDD.
  • In-depth Reporting and Dashboards for Intelligent Testing: You can monitor and manage your automation efforts effectively with a simple and intuitive dashboard. You get the right coverage, analytics and metric. Plus using QAS’s insights feature helps you fine tune your automation with focus on test failures and RCA.

In summary

QMetry Automation Studio is the most comprehensive digital quality platform that allows businesses to achieve agile testing and focus on automation. It is perfect for micro-service type apps with various complex components for automated testing. QAS speeds up the automation of most challenging use cases, validates all UI and visual components via advanced testing to ensure data consistency. Furthermore, it achieves web services discovery with automatic test component generation. Find out more about our product suite and download the free trial version now.

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Focusing on Test automation with help of QMetry Automation Studio and QMetry Test Management, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings