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3 Reasons for Executing Exploratory Testing with QMetry Voyager

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing in JIRA


In the quest for continuously improving our software, exploratory testing makes its case by giving testers the freedom to check functionality and improve test suites. Being equipped with the right tool makes this experience quicker and more efficient. As the possibility of developing automated scripts and documentation comes into play, testers need to look no further. QMetry Voyager is the best way to go. Why, you ask?


1) Automates Documentation as you Explore

Backed-up by QMetry Digital Quality Platform, Voyager (the newest member of the family) is a FREE add-on designed to work inside JIRA. This unique QA tool follows your website and mobile application testings using Chrome browser. Simultaneously, these actions get converted into test documentation. QMetry Voyager provides the ability to capture internal technical details required for debugging like Id and XPath.

QMetry Automated documentation for Exploratory Testing tool

2) Facilitates Team Collaboration through Seamless Integration Features

Exploratory testing with automated documentation

QMetry Voyager’s purpose is to ensure that testers’ time is invested in investigating the site instead of writing every single test activity. Since Voyager is seamlessly integrated with JIRA, all the documentation generated through this testing tool can instantaneously be linked to JIRA issues. All those bug reports can be escalated quickly and thus teams save time.

Integration doesn’t stop there. QMetry Voyager can also export all the generated information into different test management tools like QMetry Test Management.  Integrate its results for a comprehensive, multi-sourced test coverage.


3) Provides a Full View

As testers keep exploring with Voyager, all the documentation can be aggregated and evaluated. Testers can easily access this through JIRA’s reports. Leveraging this integration will help QA and development teams get a more accurate perspective of where the defects are.

Evidence can be shown and shared through screen captures, mark assertions, open annotations, and voice memo to identify bugs and errors. All the evidence-support listed will facilitate precise communication between agile teams. Hence, it lessens the chances of confusion and maximizes the productivity of resources.

QMetry Voyager is a member of the QMetry family, which holds a proven record of developing cutting edge software testing products. These agile tools have made many testing teams across 600+ organizations deliver software quality successfully.

QMetry Voyager is FREE.  Download it NOW from Atlassian Marketplace.

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