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Focus on Test Automation with QMetry

Focusing on Test automation with help of QMetry Automation Studio and QMetry Test Management

In the age of digital renaissance, multi-speed IT speed is the singe-most critical factor. It ensures survival of the fittest as the digital (r)evolution creeps up on businesses. But many businesses are still holding on to legacy test management tools and software that suffocate the Agile and DevOps focused teams. Yet, many others have embraced Test automation to unlock IT...


QMetry launches new execution UI with QMetry for Jira V2.0

QMetry Test Management for Jira customers can look forward to enhanced ease of usage and several other upgrades as we release QMetry for Jira version 2.0 for all our customers on the Jira...

QMetry apps are Atlassian Verified

QMetry Apps are now Atlassian Verified

What does it mean to be Atlassian Verified? QMetry is proud to announce that its apps are now qualified as Atlassian Verified on the Marketplace. This certification is a testament to QMetry’s...

Software Testing Humor

Over the tests we go, Agile all the way!

This holiday season is upon us and we are feeling festive! For this joyous occasion, we want to share some of our finest software-testing holiday humor. As a team, we collect inspiration from our...

Back-end Integration Testing Vs. Manual Testing in Jira

Back-end Integration Testing Vs. Manual Testing in Jira

We all dislike time-consuming and repetitive tasks, especially when developing or working on an exciting project. No wonder then, that automated UI-testing, using web browsers is a trending topic of...


Software Quality Insights and Trends – SQITs

Software Quality in a World of DevOps   The role that software quality plays in agile teams keeps evolving as new trends appear in the Dev-Test-Ops realm. Agile processes demand more test...


What to expect when you adopt continuous integration?

The role of continuous integration in DevOps   A large number of organizations have now embraced the DevOps approach. They do so to take advantage of a critical opportunity to transform...

Migrate from HP ALM

3 Reasons to Migrate from HP ALM

When to Migrate from HP ALM   The impact of HPE’s sale of its software business is sinking in after it was announced almost a year back, is now a good time to migrate from HP ALM?  In...

Starwest and Digital Quality trends from QMetry

A Digital Quality Digest from StarWest

­­A Digital Quality Digest from StarWest   Digital quality leaders from all over the world gathered once more to share their success stories and industry expectations at StarWest 2017....

STARWEST Conference 2017 - QMetry Sponsorship

STARWEST Conference 2017

Go West to StarWEST 2017 While Disneyland in Anaheim attracts kids and adults alike throughout the year from across the US and world, there is a different star-attraction lined up from 1st to...

Automated Testing Tool, CI/CD, Devops

Features to consider when selecting an Automated Testing tool

Software testing and testing tools are indispensable to the development cycle. As the DevOps culture becomes mainstream, automated testing is a vital link in the CI/CD pipeline. Automation saves...