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What to expect when you adopt continuous integration?

The role of continuous integration in DevOps   A large number of organizations have now embraced the DevOps approach. They do so to take advantage of a critical opportunity to transform their business. Continuous Integration is one of the cornerstones of DevOps. Why? It is a proven practice to enhance code quality and build better software in a predictable and...

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What Equifax can teach us about Data Breach and Software Testing

Cybersecurity has been one of the biggest concerns of 2017. The recent Equifax breach where hackers broke into access personal data for 143 million customers is the latest in the series of security...

Automated Testing Tool, CI/CD, Devops

Features to consider when selecting an Automated Testing tool

Software testing and testing tools are indispensable to the development cycle. As the DevOps culture becomes mainstream, automated testing is a vital link in the CI/CD pipeline. Automation saves...

How to Avoid the Problem of Duplicate Issues

Introduction In this ten part series we will be reviewing and offering solutions to the most common complaints from development to QA.  We will provide real world examples from QA experts to...

Improve and Speed up Regression Testing

Cut Your Regression Cycle by 75 Percent

The biggest challenge for QA groups is how to complete the regression cycle which often takes far more time and resources than the QA team has.  The problem is often worse for Agile teams- in...