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Software testing and Automation: Emerging trends for 2018

Software testing and automation as dominant patterns for 2018 DevOps, CI/CD pipeline and the agile way of software testing dominated the conversation in 2017. However, for DevOps and Agile teams to see significant gains, the practices, tools, and processes need to evolve and become more agile. The key themes of 2018 seem to revolve around the same approach. But there are...


Software Quality Insights and Trends – SQITs

Software Quality in a World of DevOps   The role that software quality plays in agile teams keeps evolving as new trends appear in the Dev-Test-Ops realm. Agile processes demand more test...


What to expect when you adopt continuous integration?

The role of continuous integration in DevOps   A large number of organizations have now embraced the DevOps approach. They do so to take advantage of a critical opportunity to transform...

Starwest and Digital Quality trends from QMetry

A Digital Quality Digest from StarWest

­­A Digital Quality Digest from StarWest   Digital quality leaders from all over the world gathered once more to share their success stories and industry expectations at StarWest 2017....

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What Equifax can teach us about Data Breach and Software Testing

Cybersecurity has been one of the biggest concerns of 2017. The recent Equifax breach where hackers broke into access personal data for 143 million customers is the latest in the series of security...

Automated Testing Tool, CI/CD, Devops

Features to consider when selecting an Automated Testing tool

Software testing and testing tools are indispensable to the development cycle. As the DevOps culture becomes mainstream, automated testing is a vital link in the CI/CD pipeline. Automation saves...


Highlights from Atlassian Summit San Jose 2017

Team QMetry is back from the Atlassian Summit San Jose 2017   We were the proud silver sponsor of Atlassian Summit this year (third year in a row) and we have some interesting updates...

Exploratory testing tool for website and mobile QMetry

3 Reasons for Executing Exploratory Testing with QMetry Voyager

Exploratory Testing   In the quest for continuously improving our software, exploratory testing makes its case by giving testers the freedom to check functionality and improve test...

exploratory testing tool for website testing

Exploratory Testing and Bug Capture inside JIRA with QMetry Voyager

Exploratory Testing    Software testers are always on exploration to find bugs in every software builds in an effort to help the developers create a better software over time.  With...


Test Automation Framework: The Key to a Bigger and Better Automation

The Need for a Test Automation Framework     We've been talking about automated testing and our test automation framework quite a bit lately. We believe that a solid automation...


Software Quality Insights and Trends: SQITs

Introducing a New Approach to Software Quality   Watch SQIT’s Pilot   SQIT videos are an easy and reliable way to get the latest information...