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Highlights from Atlassian Summit San Jose 2017

Team QMetry is back from the Atlassian Summit San Jose 2017   We were the proud silver sponsor of Atlassian Summit this year (third year in a row) and we have some interesting updates for you, hot off the press. With more than 3500 attendees, 116 exhibitors and 300+ Atlassian employees this year’s event at San José Convention Center, San José, was an epic...

QMetry apps are Atlassian Verified

QMetry Apps are now Atlassian Verified

What does it mean to be Atlassian Verified? QMetry is proud to announce that its apps are now qualified as Atlassian Verified on the Marketplace. This certification is a testament to QMetry’s...

Atlassian Summit 2017 - Quality Software with QMetry

Atlassian Summit 2017 – Let’s Meet Up!

  Atlassian Summit 2017 - San Jose   San Jose in September is fun.  It is sunny and pleasant with fall’s advent around the corner.  It also heralds the season for all...

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Next Stop: Atlassian Summit at Barcelona!

Hola from Barcelona! QMetry welcomes you to Atlassian Summit Europe. Share the excitement and be part of the annual confluence of Atlassian users, solution partners, and add-on vendors.  It is...

The Atlassian Summit 2016 – And, It’s a Wrap!

I am sure everyone’s back to base after the summit. Feet sore and follow-ups to do, but what a conference it was, yeah! First, hats off to the Atlassian team for putting up a show of that...

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Team Up @ Atlassian Summit 2016!

All Atlassian Enthusiasts & Aficionados! Summit is around the corner.   It is that time of the year where best minds from Atlassian ecosystem confluence to learn, share and experience...

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Image Credit: ScrapeSentry  There’s a lot of ‘bot talk’ going around. Here a bot, there a bot, everywhere a bot, bot! Chatbots for everything of course (think Alexa), social media bots,...

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DevOps QA Testing – 4 Points to Consider

Agile and DevOps have brought in efficiency and speed and along with that newer challenges to enforce Quality Assurance. Software development cycles are now shorter and this poses new challenges...

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Atlassian Summit 2016 is here!

Mark your calendar.  Atlassian Summit 2016 is happening on October 11 – 13 at San Jose Convention Center.  A congregation of all the Atlassian Experts, Users and Aficionados; this event brings...