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There’s a lot of ‘bot talk’ going around. Here a bot, there a bot, everywhere a bot, bot! Chatbots for everything of course (think Alexa), social media bots, gaming bots, music bots, yoga bots, shopping bots, food delivery bots, the list continues.

Being in software quality for a good part of my professional life and seeing all the ‘botification’ around me, I started thinking about a ‘software quality bot’.  A software bot to fix the software it is running on – sounds oxymoronic!

How will my bot look like? First, does anything like this exist in the software world? I am sure it does but from what I have seen, most quality platforms collect tons of ‘data’, to generate fancy reports. But the ones that provide ‘actionable, predictive and suggestive intelligence’ to improve quality are few and far in between. These would not only predict the upcoming snafus but also prescribe innovative options to developers, testers and quality managers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bots start to announce their own existence and allow developers to subscribe to their services to achieve better quality software. Imagine – you’re writing some hot code and a cool bot pops up to warn you about a bug that you just introduced in the code!!

It is real and it is here – Stay tuned to hear more from me on what QMetry Quality Bots (QQBots) have to offer!

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