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Adding Electronic Signatures to a Test Case Lifecycle

We have quite a few customers in compliance-heavy industries like HealthCare and Financial Services. They often have nuanced feature needs that enable them to comply with strict regulations like FDA. To address the needs of one of these customers, we recently added a feature that can best be described as an electronic signature. Think of it as an audit trail. Essentially it involved the creation of a new field called “Status Changed” for each Test Case artifact. Whenever the status of a Test Case changes, the person making the change has to electronically signoff on the change, and the Status Changed field then reflects the latest value. A typical use case of this would be when an Approver (often different from the Test Case author) logs in and validates that all the information in the Test Case is accurate and up to desired standards. Our product specialists demonstrate this along with other cool features in our Weekly Webinars. Sign up now and start learning about the benefits of Total Test Management!

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