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Adding Electronic Signatures to a Test Case Lifecycle

We have quite a few customers in compliance-heavy industries like HealthCare and Financial Services. They often have nuanced feature needs that enable them to comply with strict regulations like FDA. To address the needs of one of these customers, we recently added a feature that can best be described as an electronic signature. Think of [...]

One measure of corporate success

There are many time-honored ways of gauging corporate success – revenue, profitability, customers and so on. The 1990′s introduced the concept of being able to transform your brand as a Verb (Google it, Webex it) as barometer of great success. We’d like to posit another – the number of times your corporate brand (especially for [...]

Learnings from the Gartner AADI Summit

The Gartner AADI Summit in Las Vegas helped us learn and validate about prevalent trends in the Test Management and larger ALM industry. Some key findings   Waterfall is clearly not dead – in fact it is still the prevalent development methodology out there. Part of this has to to with the structure of many [...]

Marching forward in the Social Madness Competition

Thanks to our customers, partners and well-wishers and their strong endorsements of our test management product, we’re marching forward in a Social Madness competition In lock-step with premier European soccer nations, we are in the semi-finals now. And are vying for the top spot. So, please vote for us if you think we have genuine [...]

Purchase QMetry with a Credit Card

With some fanfare, we launched our first ever shopping cart application earlier today. The premise is simple: there are many small startups and QA group within mid to large corporations that need a simple, breezy and uncluttered way to buy SaaS licenses with a credit card. And to get going with improving the productivity of [...]

Top 7 parameters for evaluating a test management tool

Top 7 parameters for evaluating a test management tool 1. Real-Time updates that can be accessed from a centralized repository Your QA team should not be spending countless hours in the morning trying to gather and compile the data from multiple sources and send you a report. Every member of your should be able to [...]


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