Accelerating Quality for Digital Enterprises
How Implementing Continuous Testing will aid DevOps teams

Continuous Testing for DevOps teams in 2018

IT organizations the world over are striving to improve collaboration and agility of delivery. As DevOps and Agile practices gain momentum, the measures for success are continuous integration and continuous delivery. Both of these rely on identifying defects early in the DevOps cycle and the ability to adapt software quickly to user feedback. Hence continuous testing is an...

software testing and automation

Software testing and Automation: Emerging trends for 2018

Software testing and automation as dominant patterns for 2018 DevOps, CI/CD pipeline and the agile way of software testing dominated the conversation in 2017. However, for DevOps and Agile teams to...

Artificial Intelligence helps companies deliver Quality at Speed

Artificial Intelligence helps deliver Digital Quality at Speed

Continuous Feedback builds Digital Quality One of the key drivers of the lean-agile paradigm is continuous development and therefore continuous testing. As software development becomes more complex...