QA Resolutions for 2014

We’re ushering in a New Year and guessing on resolutions that QA professionals must be making for 2014. Of course, we’ve not conducted any surveys for this but we’ve been at enough Conferences, Seminars, Keynote presentations, and water-cooler conversations throughout 2013 to see some trends. We’ll extrapolate on these and come out with our bet on the Top 5 QA Resolutions for 2014 (from the mind of a QA practitioner).

  • Remind myself that I’m not peripheral to the SDLC but central to it.
  • Realize that Testing is NOT a job, it is a passion for improving quality and brand.
  • Strive to be Agile and customer-focused, not reactive and hostage to antiquated processes.
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions on Requirements and Platform Coverage
  • Effectively use Test Management tools to deliver high quality products in shorter time.

We sincerely wish that these resolutions will be adhered to as they have the potential to greatly benefit almost every software product and service in our economy. And that translates to a lot of cool products delivered with fewer bugs and in fast time!

On to a Wonderful 2014…


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