Is there a thing as Agile Culture

This provocatively titles LinkedIn Group question predictably generated a lot of comments and discussion.

We thought we’d weigh in here too. Our philosophy is in line with classical Agile thinking: Agile is really about culture as much as it is about processes and tools. The culture emphasizes better collaboration between all internal stakeholders and especially between an organization and it’s customers, it is predicated on finding and fixing bugs early to reduce wasted resources and money, it rewards properly functioning software delivered in small increments that is aligned with constantly changing needs, and places a strong premium on delivering business value to a customer above all else.

QMetry addresses these needs by features like Continuous Testing and strong integrations with Automation tools. We also make it very easy to use our Software with market-leading ALM tools like Rally and Jira Agile. Thereby helping you become Agile at all steps of your product lifecycle!


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