Increasing Agility with GreenHopper

Our developers are working hard, shall we say with great Agility, to ensure that we are in lockstep (from an integration standpoint) with the Agile movement. We are well-integrated with Rally Software and last month we held a Webinar with them and Forrester to showcase our integration and the wonderful closed-loop appeal this has for Agile Teams.

Today, we are happy to announce that we are also integrated with GreenHopper, the Agile Management tool from Atlassian. QMetry leverages Greenhopper’s capability to unlock the power of Agile by enablign a user to create customized filters in QMetry to import all Stories & Epics along with the linked Bugs, New Features, Task & Improvements from Greenhopper into Cycle (Sprints) in QMetry as Requirements/Test cases. Once these Epic and Stories are linked in to QMetry, users can link/add issues against them from QMetry & manage all these through one centralized Test Management Product.

As always, a blog post goes only this far. Start experiencing these cool technologies by creating backlogs and sprints of your own, or learn from one our product specialists through our Weekly Webinars.



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