Announcing Integrations with JIRA 6 and Assembla

Our engineering team has been hard at work making improvements in the core product functionality and also at improvements with our Integrations with Defect Tracking products.

And today, we are happy to announce 2 key developments: 1) Our integration with JIRA is now fully compatible with JIRA 6,the latest release of Atlassian’s premier defect tracking product and 2) A new integration with the Defect Tracking capabilities of Assembla.

The integration with JIRA 6 addresses the sizable number of JIRA users that need a powerful, bi-directional and context-sensitive coupling between their Defect Tracking capabilities and Test Management. And these signals came in from various channels – existing customers, prospects and distribution partners like the Go2Group.

The integration with Assembla came in at the request from an existing customer. But conceptually, it functions very similarly to the integration with JIRA — configure Assembla as a Defect tracker within QMetry and add defects directly to it from within QMetry. And, the ability to directly edit Defects that were created directly from QMetry.

See these in action on our Weekly Webinars and tell us what you think!



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