Why Agile will bring about a QA Renaissance

The Agile movement has already engendered many cultural and process changes in Organizations. Significantly, it has also brought about numerous changes in the perception of the role and importance of a QA practitioner.

And the reason stems from the Canonical notion of ‘Done’ in Agile. A Done item is one that has been developed and Accepted, with consensus, by the Team. And the Team is credited only for Done items – that is ones that constitute potentially shippable product increment. This dynamic ensures that Developers and Testers are ‘equal first-class citizens’ in the Product Life Cycle and are equally responsible for the success of any initiative. And, QA is no longer relegated to a peripheral activity conducted at the end of the cycle with the goal of just ensuring that all bugs are detected and fixed.

Our interactions with Forrester and Rally Software over a Webinar on Agile Testing last month helped us understand and validate these trends better. And it makes us happy to learn that we are indeed? building features that are enabling QA teams to ride this Agile trend with confidence.




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