Agenda for the Agile Testing Webinar


We’re looking forward with great anticipation for the Webinar – ‘Continuous Testing in an Agile World’ that we are hosting with Forrester and Rally on April 24. There’s still a few seats left – so Register quickly.

At the risk of stealing some of the thunder of our esteemed panelists, we’re taking some liberty to disclose what will be presented. We hope that this will pique your interest enough to attend.

Diego Lo Giudice from Forrester will be talking about fundamental process changes in the Testing world that are breaking down traditional silos like TCoEs (Testing Centers of Excellence). Rally will chime in with their significant experiences in the Agile industry and how Testing is perceived by Agile practitioners. They will also be talking about the Rally-QMetry integration.

Finally, our CTO, Manish Mathuria will be talking about features like Drops and the integration with Jenkins; and how these capabilities make it significantly easier for Agile Teams to Test (in a Continuous fashion) software that gets built in short, quick increments.

We look forward to this exciting event and hope you can attend.



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