Announcing, with fanfare, QMetry 5.4

Product releases are always an exciting time at QMetry. And it’s no different this time. Our latest release, QMetry 5.4, has tons of new, exciting and innovative features designed to help QA teams further shorten their testing cycles and play an even more pivotal role in ensuring that their companies produce Enterprise-grade applications.

QMetry 5.4 has quite a few enhancements, and some bug fixes. The enhancements are in a few large groups:

Agile capabilities: As Agile shops continue to proliferate and Agile Testing becomes mainstream, we’ve continued to innovate on our Continuous Testing Capabilities. Now QA groups can assign default drops per cycle or by QA role.

Reporting: Reporting has always been one of our strengths and we’re further capitalizing on this key differentiator by enhancing this capability by introducing newer filtering capabilities, better sorting abilities, and a better Dashboard view to help users consume all this information through a powerful graphical interface.

Usability: Our customers, prospects and partners have asked for certain improvements to our UI and Help feature to enable end-users to use QMetry more effectively. Correspondingly, we’ve made it much easier to get started by creating or importing Test Cases and Requirements; and also have new startup wizards to help you through this process.

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