Tear down that Wall,Mr CTO

In 1987, the President of the USA, Ronald Reagan made a classical ‘Tear Down that Wall’ remark at Brandenburg Gate in Germany. The rhetoric was aimed at Communist Governments that tried to divide the Democratic World from their own enclaves.

Today, that rhetoric should be addressed to CTO’s of organizations that refuse to embrace the critical nature of Testing in the Software Life Cycle. In a world increasingly characterized by Agile development practices, the Testing function is increasingly getting transformed from a peripheral, end-of-cycle, and of-neglected activity to a mission-critical and brand-building function that is now central to good software development.

Like any disruptive force, the Agile movement will engender a cultural change in organizations that are successful at adopting the methodology.? Gone will be the days of Testing Centers of Excellence and the wait for coding to be completed before Testing commences. Instead, QA practitioners, will be deeply embedded into product teams and doing Exploratory Testing on newly created features.? And, by these activities they will ensure that the ROI on Enterprise-grade Test Management tools will be higher than ever.

Happy Agile Testing!



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