State of the Test Management market

We love to usher in the New Year by informing our readers about the state of the Testing market. And, we’re thrilled by what we see and hear of what’s happening in our space.

The consensus for the market size for Testing is that its’ in the billions of dollars and growing at a healthy clip every year. Cloud-based Testing is definitely growing at a faster rate – roughly 33% and up to $700 million by 2013 (source:IDC). The impetus for cloud testing, especially cloud-based load testing, are “classical” business imperatives – flexible pricing and the advantages of Opex over CapEx.

The role of Testing in an Agile world continues to be evolve and be debated. One trend we’ve been seeing is our customers asking for more Exploratory-style testing versus “old, outmoded script-based testing”. From a process and culture standpoint, testers in Agile shops are increasingly getting melded into well-knit product teams.

And Testing as a practice continues to evolve into a central and integral part of the whole ALM/PLM process. Slowly, it is evolving into a strategic asset for organizations that are optimizing the testing cycles and associated processes.

All these trends translate into exciting times for QMetry and our ecosystem of customers,partners and prospects. Stay tuned for an exciting 2013!


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