Tools and Tactics used by succesful QA professionals

Like anyone else, QA professionals need an array of technologies to succeed in their daily tasks.? In their professional lives, they typically use powerful Test Management software that helps them organize their Test Cases, integrate with defect tracking tools, invoke test automation scripts and correlate Test Cases with Requirements.

But what about their ‘social’ lives? Not Social in the Facebook/Twitter sense but in the ability to increase their appeal at nightclubs. We took a short break from our regular activity to come up with some pickup lines that Testers can use in this endeavor. We also imprinted these at the back of a T-shirt that we handed out at the StarWest conference – here are the ones the audience liked the best:

** Warning – some risque content **


  • You complete my User Story.
  • Will you step into my (Test) suite
  • I track your defects and you solve mine
  • How many drinks does it take to get to CHMOD 777
  • I would like to do some exploratory testing with you


Happy Testing!


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