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What Challenges Will You Face When Testing Wearable Devices?

Every application testing situation presents new challenges. Do you have the experience and knowledge to adjust accordingly? InfoStretch recently tested and quality assured a digital health feedback system for Proteus Digital Health. The Proteus service offering integrates the intake of medicine with ingestible sensors, wearable devices and data analytics to make healthcare more accessible, manageable [...]

Our LinkedIn User Group is now active

We’ve added another medium to educate you on QMetry best practices, customers experiences and similar useful educational information. Welcome to our new LinkedIn Users Group! We intend to add useful tips and tricks, as well as some real-world examples on how QMetry is being used by QA groups in the real-world to speed up their [...]

Welcoming TechTrust to our family of partners

Our partner ecosystem continues to grow rapidly and, better, in different geographies.Today, we are happy to Welcome Techtrust to our family of partners. Techtrust is an ‘old hand’ at distributing QA systems in India. We discovered that they were a Reseller for one of our Technology partners – QFS (for the QF-Test automation platform) and [...]

Improved Agile Capabilities in QMetry 5.4

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a blog post announcing QMetry 5.4. This week we will

Lessons learned from the Twitter LinkedIn divorce

Possibly the most significant software news from last week was the Twitter-Linkedin divorce. Simply put, one cannot post your Tweets automatically on your LinkedIn profile. The article states that: The reason Twitter is forcing third parties to stop mimicking its content is because the company wants to emphasize a “core Twitter consumption experience,” meaning it [...]

Are Test Cases a waste of time?

We definitely do not think so, but a fellow LinkedIn group member posed the question on a forum. The responses are a ringing endorsement for Test Cases. And we concur. Test cases are an integral part of the Test Management process, and when combined with accurate Test Data, Defect Tracking and Requirements Analysis constitute an [...]

Ahoy 5.2!

With significant excitement we’re announcing the launch of Qmetry 5.2 – the latest version of our premier test management platform. Qmetry 5.2 includes new features, improvements to existing functionality and bug fixes. All designed to make your test management processes more effective and to make your QA team more productive. Some highlights: Support for IE [...]

What constitutes a great test plan?

This has been one of the fundamental questions in our industry ever since inception. A recent LinkedIn group discussion was the perfect catalyst to revisit the topic and articulate our views. QMetry has always believed in a holistic approach to testing – one that integrates all phases of the software life cycle and forms meaningful [...]

A new pricing model for Qmetry

Our previous blog post detailed all the cool new features in Qmetry 5.0 – our flagship test management platform. But it’s not all technical – we have something to make CFO’s happy too! There’s a new pricing model to make it easier for you to choose the edition that best suits your organization’s needs based [...]

Managing Testing in an Agile world

Agile is fast emerging as the most widely adopted software development methodology. The advantages (and disadvantages) of using Agile methodologies (for eg Scrum) versus traditional methods like Waterfall are well documented — what is important for teams like ours is the impact this shift has on developing compelling test management platforms. New development methodologies introduce [...]


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