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January 2018

Writing user story in agile

Writing a great user story in Agile

What makes a user story great? Anyone can write user stories, but to write a good or effective user story, you need to get the basics right. But first, what is the purpose of a user story? A user story is a tool used by Agile teams to capture a specific description of a software feature. Albeit from the end-user perspective. User stories are possibly the most...

Artificial Intelligence helps companies deliver Quality at Speed

Artificial Intelligence helps deliver Digital Quality at Speed

Continuous Feedback builds Digital Quality One of the key drivers of the lean-agile paradigm is continuous development and therefore continuous testing. As software development becomes more complex...

QMetry apps are Atlassian Verified

QMetry Apps are now Atlassian Verified

What does it mean to be Atlassian Verified? QMetry is proud to announce that its apps are now qualified as Atlassian Verified on the Marketplace. This certification is a testament to QMetry’s...

Spectre and Meltdown flaws

CPU Security Flaws Meltdown and Spectre Loom Large

CPU flaws Spectre and Meltdown: What to do about it? Two words - Meltdown and Spectre have been the subject of news, discussion, and speculation as these CPU flaws were discovered recently....

testing metrics and test coverage

The importance of measuring your QA effectiveness

Identifying key testing metrics A wise person once said, “Whatever you do, keep measuring it. Because if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” This precept appears to be universally...

software testing and automation

Software testing and Automation: Emerging trends for 2018

Software testing and automation as dominant patterns for 2018 DevOps, CI/CD pipeline and the agile way of software testing dominated the conversation in 2017. However, for DevOps and Agile teams to...