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October 2017


What to expect when you adopt continuous integration?

The role of continuous integration in DevOps   A large number of organizations have now embraced the DevOps approach. They do so to take advantage of a critical opportunity to transform their business. Continuous Integration is one of the cornerstones of DevOps. Why? It is a proven practice to enhance code quality and build better software in a predictable and...

Migrate from HP ALM

3 Reasons to Migrate from HP ALM

When to Migrate from HP ALM   The impact of HPE’s sale of its software business is sinking in after it was announced almost a year back, is now a good time to migrate from HP ALM?  In...

Starwest and Digital Quality trends from QMetry

A Digital Quality Digest from StarWest

­­A Digital Quality Digest from StarWest   Digital quality leaders from all over the world gathered once more to share their success stories and industry expectations at StarWest 2017....

STARWEST Conference 2017 - QMetry Sponsorship

STARWEST Conference 2017

Go West to StarWEST 2017 While Disneyland in Anaheim attracts kids and adults alike throughout the year from across the US and world, there is a different star-attraction lined up from 1st to...