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March 2017

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Software Quality and DevOps for IoT Applications: Why Metrics and Data-Driven Testing Matters!

  Quality in the Time of DevOps OK, so we have heard all these terms – software quality, DevOps, IoT Applications, and data. We know that DevOps is a significant movement. Its goal is  to close out the gap between development and operation within the larger IT team. This is with a goal to release better applications faster. So far so good. And one more truth -...

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Agile Testing Highlights from Test Focus Groups

Agile is not Fragile QMetry recently hosted practitioners and evangelists of Agile Testing for an invigorating discussion on Agile Testing’s impact on delivering quality faster and better at...


An Insightful Chat on Agile Testing at Test Focus Groups

  Been thinking about your Agile Testing engine lately? You are not alone! As organizations navigate through their digital transformation journeys, they quickly realize the importance of...

Continuous Integration with Test Management

Connecting Continuous Integration with QMetry Test Management for JIRA

Connecting Continuous Integration Tool Jenkins with QMetry As digital organizations scale, the use of continuous integration becomes essential to keep up with growth. The use of CI/CD open-source...